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There are a lot of misconceptions regarding Hospice Care. We’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions as well as a list of Myths versus Facts as a reference guide for patients and their families. We believe that patients and their families should be informed before making health-care related decisions and our team of experienced Hospice Care professionals is available to answer questions. If you have additional questions and you’d like to speak with a Hospice Care Coordinator, Click Here or, you can contact us by telephone (818) 464-2050.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hospice Care? 

Hospice is a comprehensive care approach focused on the patient’s end-of-life comfort care. 

When should hospice start? 

Hospice Care should begin whenever end-of-life comfort care is appropriate. Your Physician must recommend and certify that Hospice Care is necessary.

Who will be part of my Hospice Care Team? 

  • Hospice Physician (MD) 

  • Nursing Team (RNs, LVNs) 

  • Social Workers (MSW) 

  • Hospice Aides 

  • Spiritual Counselor 

  • Volunteers 

How is Hospice Care paid for? 

Hospice care is typically paid for by commercial insurance. If the patient that requires hospice care is 65+ years old, regardless of insurance carrier, Medicare will pay for all hospice services. 

Where can I receive my Hospice Care? 

Dynamic provides Hospice Care Services to patients in their home or place of residence (Assisted Living, Independent Living, or Board and Care/RCFE). 

How will Hospice Care benefit me and my family? 

Hospice Care provides comfort care and supportive resources for patients and their families. The Hospice Care Team provides stability through this difficult time and can offer spiritual and emotional support. 

Will I be involved in my care plan? 

Yes; You, your family, and your physician will all be involved in your care plan. These are big decisions and you shouldn’t make them alone. 

Is Dynamic Hospice a 24/7 Service? 

Our Hospice Care services are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to ensure that our patients are covered with all Hospice Care related services whenever they may need it. 

If I have pain, How can Hospice Help? 

Dynamic Hospice Care Nurses specialize in Pain Management and Symptom Management. Our nurses are trained to address your comfort care needs. 

What kind of out of pocket expenses should me and my family anticipate? 

None! You are fully covered by your insurance carrier to receive hospice care services from Dynamic Hospice. We work with Medicare and most commercial insurances. 

How often will the Hospice Care Team visit me at home? 

Hospice care services and the frequency of care visits are based on the personalized care plan. There will be scheduled visits from our Social Workers, Nurses, HHAs, CNAs, and doctors. Volunteer and Chaplain visits can be available to provide support too. 

What Should I do now? 

Call Dynamic Hospice to speak with a knowledgeable member of our Care Team. If you have any additional questions or are looking to start Hospice Services we are here to serve as your full-service Hospice Care resource. 

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Hospice Myths vs Facts

MYTH: Choosing to receive hospice care means giving up on fighting for your life 

FACT: Receiving Hospice Care does not mean giving up or losing hope. Hospice provides care services and supportive services to patients (that are diagnosed with a life-threatening /terminal illness) and their families to promote the highest quality of life and provide comfort care. 

MYTH: Hospice Care is extremely expensive 

FACT: For patients 65+ regardless of their insurance, Hospice is covered by Medicare, and for those under the age of 65 Hospice is covered by their private insurance. Coverage often includes nursing visits, medications, supplies, equipment, social services, therapies, and spiritual counseling. 

MYTH: While receiving hospice care you have no control over your daily care 

FACT: Hospice Care Services follow a patient-specific care plan that is created by the patient, their family, and their physician. This plan can be modified and updated in accordance with the patient’s needs and condition. 

MYTH: While receiving hospice care you can’t be treated by your primary care Physician 

FACT: The patient’s Primary Care Physician can recommend Hospice Care services. Although Dynamic Hospice has a Hospice Physician, we work with many Doctors across the greater LA area. 

MYTH: Hospice Support and Services end when the patient passes away 

FACT: Support offered to patients and their family is available even after hospice care medical services come to an end; supportive services for the family can continue even after the patient passes away. These services include bereavement services/grief services, and assistance with funerary arrangements. 

MYTH: Hospice Care can only be received at a skilled Nursing Facility 

FACT: Dynamic’s Hospice Care Services are provided in the patient’s home. Whether that is the patient’s own home, a relative’s home, or an Assisted Living Facility Hospice Care services can be provided wherever the patient needs them. 


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