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Hospice Care Services are individualized to the patient receiving care. After meeting with and evaluating the patient, the Hospice Care team will create a care plan that addresses the Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional care needs of the patient. The Dynamic Hospice Care team will regularly visit the patient in accordance with the care plan, but a member of the Dynamic Hospice Care staff is always available for patients on-call 24-Hours a day at (818) 464-2060. Hospice Nurses and Physicians visiting will manage all skilled needs of the patient including medication management and administration. The Home Health Aide will assist with Patient ADLs and provide patient companionship daily. Social Workers are advocates for the patient and assist with emotional support while patients and their families are receiving Hospice Care and the Dynamic Spiritual Counselor will provide spiritual and religious support. Dynamic Hospice also has experienced Volunteers, who will visit with patients and provide companionship, or assist with small tasks.

Dynamic Hospice Care offers the
following types of Hospice Care:

1. Routine Home Care The routine Daily Hospice Care is provided in accordance with the Individualized Patient Care Plan.


2. Crisis Home Care – If there is a change in a patient’s health status, and it is medically necessary, Dynamic Hospice Care will provide shift care to avoid patient hospitalization. Continuous Care is an emergency-type service provided by Dynamic Hospice Care to manage patient symptoms and stabilize the patient.


3. General Inpatient Care – In the event that it is unsafe and unmanageable for the patient to be receiving Hospice Care at home, Dynamic Hospice Care is partnered with local Hospitals to provide General Inpatient Care (GIP) in order to stabilize the patient, in order to transfer them back home to receive their routine Hospice Care.


4. Respite Care – Dynamic Hospice Care partners with a number of in-patient facilities, who provide a short respite care stay to aid the patient’s primary caregiver. The Respite benefit under Medicare is limited to 5 consecutive days but does not provide any medical benefit for the patient.

Dynamic Hospice and Medicare Benefit


Elderly Couple with Community Liaison


Our Community Liaison will meet with you and your family prior to the start of Hospice Care to discuss all of your care needs. Dynamic’s Community Liaison will coordinate the Nursing, Social Work, and Spiritual Counseling assessments to create a personalized Hospice Care Plan. Our Hospice Community Liaison is here to answer all of your Hospice Care questions. 


Our Hospice Nursing Team is comprised of Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses who manage patient care, including care related to pain or symptoms of discomfort. Our nurses provide assistance and knowledge to patients and their families in regards to the patient’s condition. The Dynamic Nursing Team is responsible for adjusting the care plan in accordance with the patient’s needs.

Hospice Care Nurse with elderly patient
Hospice Social Worker with Elderly Patient


A Dynamic Hospice Care Medical Social Worker will help to assist and advocate for patients and their families every step of the way. Our Social Worker provides resources ranging from additional care services (caregiving) to matters like advance directives, and end-of-life planning.


Hospice Aides are members of the Hospice Care Team that focus on one-to-one patient assistance. Hospice Aides assist patients in the Activities of Daily Living, ADLs. These activities include bathing assistance, dressing assistance, meal/feeding assistance, personal hygiene assistance, and other ADLs.

Hospice Care Aide with Elderly Patient
Hospice Care Physician


Our Hospice Physician oversees the Nursing Team that is in charge of creating a specialized plan of care for each patient. The goal of this specialized care plan is to ensure comfort and quality of life for the patient through end-of-life care. The Hospice Physician works with all members of our Hospice Care Team, and available for home visits. 


The role of the spiritual counselor is to provide spiritual support for both the patient and the family while receiving Hospice Care. Spiritual Care and Counseling can provide comfort and peace for the patients and their families. 

Hospice Spiritual Support
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